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African Blessing Nubian Heritage Oils – UPDATE

African Blessing / Nubian Heritage Oils – UPDATE

oil bottle change boston round 15 ml .5 oz Thank you to our wonderful and dedicated customers! I wanted to alert you to the transitions with African Blessing aka Nubian Heritage Oils.

African Blessing and Nubian Heritage have been the same oils for over 20 years. The only difference was a name change from Nubian Heritage to African Blessing.
The company Nubian Heritage which produces the oil has been phasing out of the small white cap bottles. The original classic white top bottle that we all know and love is being phased out. Many of you know from experience the caps were easily broken in transit / shipping or by tightening too much. Nubian Heritage has been moving towards larger purchases of bulk oils and we at Master Merchant are using new packaging and of course available in the same convenient .05 oz size (15 ml) or larger sizes or quantities through our bulk / wholesale orders. The new bottles are called “Boston Round” and they come with a polycone cap which is much more sturdy and durable for shipping and day to day use. The caps tighten without breaking and prevent leakage. we_love_our_customers

Thank You to our Loyal Customers!
-Master Merchant

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