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Red Black and Green RBG Flag lapel pin


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Red, Black and Green Flag lapel pins
RBG Flag lapel pin


Want to show you cultural pride? Sport this RBG – Red, Black and Green flag lapel pin and make a statement on your tie or your collar. Afro-American, African-American, Black Liberation, Flag Lapel Pin, Lapel Pin

Size: 3/4″H x 3/4″W

Wearing a flag pin is a long-standing tradition that shows true love for your country or culture.

Our RBG flag pin is made with a jeweler’s metal cloisonné hard enamel process, gold plated, hand filled with vibrant colors, and polished to a shine. Show your pride with our most popular RBG lapel pin.

Lapel pins are a great way to show off your Cultural Pride!

This lapel pin looks great on a uniform, coat, jacket, shirt, hat, dress, or back pack. The die struck construction allows the pin to showcase itself. Vivid colors in the stripes and background.

Each pin comes with a standard clutch back.



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