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Use this form for all Wholesale and Bulk Inquiries.
Once this form is completed we will contact you with pricing and shipping information.
Feel free to contact Master Merchant at:
phone:   617-297-7721

Payments can be made via paypal
We can also take phone orders with $100 minimum purchase 617-297-7721

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  • Laura Meglio says:

    I’m interested in purchasing your Nubian Heritage body oils wholesale. What would be the per bottle price, minimum purchase price and the minimum bottles per scent required to get wholesale pricing. Also, do you carry any of the “rain” scents like rain, dessert rain, etc? Also how about scents like Strawberry and Vanilla. It looks like your list only goes up to Somali Rose. If I could get a list of every oil you have, it would be very helpful. Thanks! Laura

    • mastermerchant says:

      I can help you out at $100 minimum. It would be much easier if you fill out the wholesale form and I can make an exact quote for what amounts & scents you would like.
      Thank you for your interest!
      -Master Merchant

  • Beverly says:

    Hi, I’m interested in the opium oil, please advise if you can ship to BERMUDA via USPS or DHL/FEDEX.
    Also please advise how many oils I would get for $100.

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