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Dragon’s Blood Resin Incense 1 oz

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Dragon’s Blood Resin Incense (1 oz. package)

Resin incense is the original incense of temples, churches and ancient rites. No incense stick can match the deep, mysterious fragrances of resin incense.

Dragon’s blood is a resin produced by the rattan palm tree, Daemonorops draco. It is native to Southeast Asia, appearing in tropical and subtropical climates and occurring on the Malay Archipelago, specifically cultivated in Sumatra. There are in fact many red resins colloquially known as dragon’s blood, many of which possess different properties and come from entirely different plants. The resin of Daemonorops draco is the most commercially available

Burning Dragon’s Blood resin is best done on Charcoal Tablets.

Dragon’s Blood is also available as a 100% pure, natural and Alcohol-Free Incense


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